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Astaxanthin Valasta for Arthritis

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Arthritis on knees

Most joint issues, which can lead to arthritis and other related conditions, such as gout and fibromyalgia are due to inflammation around the joints and connective tissues. Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy cells, by attacking the lining of the joints and making the problem worse.

Free radicals are damaged cells which occur when we have joint injury, or through wear and tear on the joints and cartilage. When the body’s immune system attempts to fix the free radicals, this can lead to an auto immune disorder, which results in the body mistakenly attacking healthy tissue. This process results in joint pain, swelling, pain and if left unchecked may lead to more serious joint disorders such as arthritis.

Antioxidants have the unique ability to fix free radicals. They do this by sacrificing a part of their cellular structure in order to make the damaged free radical a normal healthy cell again.

This process of fixing free radicals calms down the body’s immune response which is causing the chronic inflammation. Over time, this process is a natural, safe and painless way to ease the suffering and health risk from joint pain and arthritis.

A natural antioxidant approach not only makes sense, but has been proven in independent studies to be effective in treating pain, swelling, stiffness and mobility. As well as being able to reduce further damage to the joints and cartilage.

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