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Frequently asked questions about valasta                          astaxanthin supplements
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Q. If Astaxanthin is so effective, how come I’ve never heard of it before?
A. Astaxanthin is notoriously difficult for the body to absorb. The scientists at Valasta realized this is why many people who take astaxanthin do not see the great health benefits that the animals who consume it demonstrate. Salmon can swim up waterfalls after eating astaxanthin, so why can’t we? Once astaxanthin is harvested and consumed by humans, not much actually makes it past our stomach acid and that which does make it to the liver has separated from the oil which it is mixed with, so it still can’t be absorbed. Valasta’s astaxanthin is combined with the oil at a molecular level so that it doesn’t separate. This protects it from the stomach acid and delivers it to the liver in a highly absorbable state. Only when it actually enters the body in reasonable doses can it demonstrate its powerful health benefits.

Q. How long does Valasta take to start working?
A. This all varies depending on your health requirements. Some customers see positive effects within a few weeks. Normally the more serious the health issue, the more time it takes to have an effect.

Q. How long does a bottle last?
A. This varies depending on your health requirements and weight. Most individuals who use Valasta as a health supplement use around one bottle per month. Individuals who have a specific health issue normally take higher doses, so a bottle will last 2-3 weeks.

Q. How many pumps of Valatsa are there in a bottle?
A. 246 pumps, each pump contains 13.5 mg pure Astaxanthin

Q. Are there any side effects?
A. The only side effects we have seen are that it often turns your stool pinkish / red. Some customers have experienced an upset stomach, but it is not common. All other side effects we have noticed have been positive health benefits.

Q. Can I take Valasta if I am on other medication?
A. We haven’t had any incidences of anyone having serious adverse reactions with Valasta. We are not licensed to give medical advice though, so please consult your Doctor

Q. Does Valasta come in capsules?
A. No, we provide empty vegetarian capsules with Valasta that you can fill at home. This preserves the quality of the astaxanthin molecules for maximum absorption. Many customers just pump the Valasta straight into their mouths and consume with water. Other customers prefer to pump the Valasta directly onto some food. Peanut butter on bread is good for this, as the peanut butter is a good carrying agent, as it is high in fat. There is slightly more effort in taking Valasta than a traditional pill or gel cap that you don’t need to fill yourself, but the benefits are well worth it.

Q. Should I consume with food or on an empty stomach?
A. Valasta should always be consumed after a meal. This makes it 2.4 x more absorbable. A meal with some fat content is better, as the astaxanthin mixes well with fats and can pass through the stomach more easily.

Q. What colour is Valasta?
A. Valasta is bright red. Try not to spill it on your clothes as it can stain. It can be washed off fingers easily with normal soap and water.

Q. Where is Valasta manufactured?

Q. Can I contact you to ask more questions and discuss my individual health requirements?
A. Of course, please email us at  or and we will normally respond within 24 hours.

ValAsta (pump bottle – contains olive oil and pure Astaxanthin)
– 50ml bottle – (contains 240 approximate pumps) – 80 empty (vegan) gel capsules provided at no cost
– Each empty capsule will hold 3-4 pumps – to save time -fill all capsules for the month at one time (if more capsules are needed – Amazon offers them inexpensively)
– You can alternatively squirt liquid ValAsta onto a piece of bread or something absorbable, on a spoonful of peanut butter or apple sauce.
– If it does not pump out well – place your finger over the opening of the pump bottle and push down 3-4x to remove any air.

Best Practices:
Take ValAsta with a meal or after a meal for increased time of absorption in the small intestine
– In the beginning it is recommended to split up the servings after meals (take ½ dose after breakfast, ½ dose after lunch – it may cause insomnia if taken too late in the day) until the enzymes can build up in the small intestine. You may have loose/soft stools while your body is adjusting.
– Pink/red color to stool is normal as the astaxanthin is red in color in nature– if the stools turn a very strawberry bright red after 30 days – feel free to reduce the dose by 10-20%
– Protect from heat – do not put chocolate in coffee or tea (avoid temperatures over 100 degrees) Advisable to store in the refrigerator – especially during summer months.

Serving Amount is based on your weight
You may take half your body weight in milligrams. (for example = 200 lb person would take 100 mg total a day)

Each pump of the liquid is 13.5 mg (take half of your body weight divide by 13.5 = this is your number of daily pumps to take)

**with cancer – we recommend increasing the daily serving by 50% until remission is achieved.
(for example 200 lbs person – would take 150 mg a day until remission then reduce to 100mg)
**with arthritis – adjust serving amounts based on pain level. If pain is gone – try reducing the amount by 1 serving – if the pain returns increase the amount by 1 serving.

**We recommend that you inform your medical doctors of all supplements taken.
We are not a licensed medical office and do not treat, diagnose, or claim to cure any disease or health condition. 

Feel free to call for any additional questions or to setup your personal FREE consultation.

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