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We ship from the EU countries Republic of Ireland/Dublin/ & Bulgaria to all European  countries/including Northern Ireland-UK/United Kingdom/ with no extra charges  for VAT, customs duties and taxes,  next business day delivery by DHL express.​

We ship from Republic of Ireland/Dublin/  to  UK/United Kingdom/too.

We ship Worldwide /including  USA,  Africa,  Australia.

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 DHL Express -next business day delivery
 International registered/ tracked post - takes 1-2 weeks
 For UK/United Kigdom -delivery  2-3 business days !  For IRELAND delivery next business day !

On the shopping cart please scroll through the dropdown menu to see the different types of shipping methods according to the rate, location and time of delivery.   


THE surcharge for paypal & STRIPE paymentS is included IN the price of the product !!!