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ValAsta Documentary 2021

ValAsta Sam Shepherd explains ROS /reactive oxygen species/ and on the oxidative stress

Dr. Berg talks about Astaxanthin. It is a fat soluble phytonutrient carotinoid. It is more powerful than many other antioxident. It is a great anti-inflammatory, it's great for the eyes and the brain in preventing cognitive degeneration. You can get it from Wild Caught Pacific Sockeye Salmon, red trout, lobster, shrimp crawfish, crabs, chlorella (green agae) and krill.

A new educational series. Sam Shepherd will be hosting and answering your questions via video presentation. He is addressing the recent concerns over hormone cancers and side effects.

5/10/22 Video

Topics: Asthma, breast cancer, hormone + BC, Chemo, Blood thinners, Blood pressure,

Valasta Astaxanthin Healing Miracle, Live Q&A with Sam Shepherd Many people are having great results taking Valasta Astaxanthin. This Thursday night at 8pm est. I'm going to be doing a live question and answer video with the Owner of the Valasta Company Sam Shepherd. Please join Sam and I on Thursday night and ask him your questions. Or post your questions below and I'll ask him.
Ask Sam: 5-19-2022 Part I -
• Tumor death and size increase due to inflammation
• CT, PET, MRI and identification of tumors
• CA Labs numbers increase when tumor cells die
• Macrophage uptake of sugar can alter PET results
• ValAsta and Blood Thinners
• Multiple Myeloma
• Hypothyroidism
• Breast cancer ulcerations
• Stem cell
• Fructose vs Glucose explained
• Fructooligosaccharides vs Fructose
• Prebiotic
Ask Sam: 5-19-2022 Part II
• Pets taking ValAsta
• Red Meat and Heme
• Iron and Cancer
• Acid and Alkaline
• ValAsta is not a Pro-Oxidant
• Safe to take ValAsta
• Enzymes needed in small bowel to help absorb ValAsta
• 2 ways ValAsta is absorbed in the small bowel
o Chemically Active
o Concentration Dependent
• Cancer and metals
• Prostate cancer
• Cardiac issues including A-fib
• Inflammatory and cardiac issues
• EnHertu or other immunotherapy and ValAsta
• Gemcitabine and astaxanthin
• Natural product specifications and taste

Sam's Q & A for May 27, 2022 - 1st Video


· Inflammatory diseases

· Thyroid

· Hashimotos

· Prostatitis

· Diverticulitis

· Cystitis

· Myasthenia Gravis

· Graves

· Parkinson

· Arthritis vs bone on bone

· Cancer growth and death including Ferroptosis

· How to adjust dosing using CRP

· Prednisone

· Beta Glucan, Vit C and other supplements

· Hyperbaric oxygen chamber

· MMS Chlorine Dioxide

· Skin coloring using asta

how Valasta fights cancer
AskSam: 6/3/22 Tour of the Cell
Topics: • Sleep Apnea • Bruxism (Grinding teeth) causes TMJ • Tinnitus/ Vertigo • Macular degeneration. • Lyme disease and co-infections • Histamine over-production, or for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome • Iodine and Goiter • Baking Soda • Clarification of CRP • Redness of stool • Cancer markers • CRP, CEA, PSA tests • Tests to monitor cancer • Zometa Infusions • Omega3 • Lovenox Injections • Taxol infusions
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