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One jar of Flavone contains the useful value of 30-40 kg. fresh fruits and vegetables.

                      Healthier & more successful life with the

                      Innovative dietary supplement  FLAVON !

               Make your dreams come true & reshape your life !

Why Flavon

Every day our body has to resist the attack of over 10,000 reactive oxidants and free radicals. This attack comes from the polluted environment, stress, drugs, bad food and wrong lifestyle (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.). The natural defense against them is the bioflavonoids contained in the fruits and vegetables, but after picking, they are exposed to oxidation processes that destroy their beneficial effects.

Cold pressing in a vacuum avoids oxidation processes and keeps the substances alive and fresh, the bioflavonoids retain all their beneficial properties. Flavone products are concentrated food obtained by this method, which achieves an extremely high digestibility of 98%. No preservatives are added to the products because the substances are natural. The result is preserved properties like fresh fruits and vegetables, with many beneficial actions. One jar of Flavone contains the useful value of 30-40 kg. fresh fruits and vegetables.

FLAVON​ are Hungarian products based on the developments of the winner of the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine Hungarian scientist Albert Szent-Györdi (discoverer of Vitamin C) and his student Prof. Dr. Zoltan Dinja. The technology, as mentioned, allows the bioflavonoids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes to be separated without destroying or deactivating them. They have many international awards and certificates, including  HALAL и KOSHER.

 DISEASES - BENEFICIAL EFFECTFlavo noids are biologically active, plant polyphenolic compounds known for their strong antioxidant properties, but they also protect our body and have a beneficial effect on a wide range of diseases:

- Strongly reduce oxidative stress

- They strengthen immunity

- Reduce the risk of strokes, heart disease and heart attack

- Restore brain activity and memory

-  ANTICANCERThey inhibit the growth of tumor cells. 

Flavonoids have been shown to possess a wide variety of anticancer effects: they modulate reactive oxygen species (ROS)-scavenging enzyme activities, participate in arresting the cell cycle, induce apoptosis, autophagy, and suppress cancer cell proliferation and invasiveness.

- They support visual acuity and protect against eye diseases

- Lower cholesterol levels

- Protect against urinary tract infections

- They have a beneficial effect on conditions such as diabetes, osteoarthritis and atherosclerosis

- They have a strong antiviral effect

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How to order? If you want to order or have questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the e-mail address;, the feedback form or send a message via the direct online link. You can order the products at a consumer price or take advantage of the CLUB price and register! Base product: Kids, Max, Protect, Green. Premium product: Joy, Max+, Green+. Spades: Fruit, Veggie, Future. You can place your order in the Flavon online store:  https://www.flavonmax.comTo do this, you must register by filling in the fields with information and entering Sponsor number: M-479603 or place the order visiting my personal business page;  Your registration happens automatically with the order. For international orders use option STANDART DELIVERY, you receive your products just for 3-4 business days for only 10 euros shipping price

 How about making money with it? 

Besides exceptional dietary supplements, Flavon also provides you with a great business opportunity. Our products are sold in the form of direct sales, based on the idea that if people consume a product and are happy with it, they will be willing to recommend it to others around them.

With this excellent, unique, multiple award-winning product line, now you can build your network faster than ever! Flavon is one of the top companies in Europe, and there are millions of other health-conscious people waiting to learn about this option and to lead a quality, conscious and free life with it. Sieze the opportunity and create the financial background that you always wanted!

If you wish to learn more about Flavon products or become a distributor, you can write to us and we will contact you. Link to the official FLAVON site HERE ,where you can use sponsor number 

M-479603 or directly through my personal business  page;    

Your registration happens automatically with the order. For international orders use option STANDART DELIVERY, you receive your products just for 3-4 business days for only 10 euros shipping price, no matter how many boxes you purchase..

If you don't mind or can't handle the registration, you can send us the data - Names, email to us and we will register you. You can make a combination of several people to collect for a box, organize yourself with your friends.This is also how the lower CLUB price is used. Take advantage of! Packages of 4 or 3 jars are ordered from the site. You can look at the different options, if you have any questions we will assist.

Registration Link Here is a detailed description of how to register. For all those who do not have a registration and are not aware of its benefits! With your first ordered box, you already have an active registration and you get it at a price of 135 EUR, as it contains 4 basic or 3 premium jars or 2 boxes of peak. One jar of Flavon can be enough for 1-3 months, depending on the dosage you useEvery next box ordered in the same month brings you a 20EUR voucher. For example, if you have ordered three boxes, you will have a voucher of 40 EUR. For each registration with an order of one box of your friend through your personal link, you also receive a 20 EUR voucher, for each subsequent box of his in the month 13.33 EUR.
You can use the vouchers from the next month (up to 1 year), and you can reduce up to 60 EUR from the price of a box. So instead of 135EUR you will pay 75EUR The remaining amount is accumulated in your account and you can request to have it transferred to you by bank transfer the moment it exceeds 100EUR. In this way, you can significantly reduce the cost of your personal box, have a decent side income to begin with, and subsequently it could become the main one. Everything is in your hands. Try it! Registration link;    

CONTACT WITH ME; I am part of the FLAVON Multilevel Marketing Distributor Network and if you would like to know more about this and how you could order the FLAVON minimum distributor price products or even just order and buy something, you can contact me quickly and easily using the form below or email me:

For international orders please use option; STANDART DELIVERY:  It is only 10 euros, no matter how many boxes you purchase.

If you would like to order directly, you can do so from here or

from my personal business page;  that will lead you  to the official webshop of the manufacturer of FLAVON products, where you can get more information about it, to make an order /purchase and register;  

If you do not have a registration, in the field Sponsor ID number * write this number: M-479603  It might appear automaticaly in the box too.Your registration happens automatically with the order.

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